(ti-RAN-o-SAWR-us | 'Tyrant Lizard')

Type Species*: rex

Globally extinct life form (†), only the type species is displayed
Life Form ID: 2

Illustration of Tyrannosaurus
Scott Hartman's Skeletal Drawing
Skeleton of 'Sue' Tyrannosaurus
Wikipedia (German)
Illustration of Tyrannosaurus
The Dinosaur Art of Joe Tucciarone
Tyrannosaurus Skull

Tyrannosaurus Collectibles Gallery
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7&7 Laser Caps Prismatic POGS
7-Eleven 1998 Pocket Calendars
A. Arnaud 1951 French Prehistoric Animal Stickers - Series 85
Abbeon Supply Company 1955 Animals of Yesteryear Metal Figurines - Information Booklet Inserts
Abydos Cut-out Dinosaur Greeting Card
Academy of Natural Sciences, The Souvenir Postcards
Academy of Natural Sciences, The 1995 25th Anniversary Dinosaur POGS
Ace Dinosaurier Game Cards
Ace Dinosaurs Fact Pack Cards
ACEO (Art Cards, Editions & Originals) Artist Cards
Acme Studios 1995 The Carnegie Museum of Natural History Trading Cards
Admark 1993 Dinosaur Cards
Adventure Publications 2016 The Amazing World of Dinosaurs Playing Cards
AdventureKEEN The Amazing World of Dinosaurs Playing Cards
Aiguebelle 1960 La Promenade Enchantee Series 2 Stickers
Aims Instructional Media Services Prehistoric Animals and Plants - Set B: Mesozoic Era
Albumes Espanoles 1969 Vida y Color 2 Stickers
Allan Publishers 1987 Dinosaurs Stickers
Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten Dinosaurier Game Cards
Alva Studios 1959 Foldout Information Cards
American Art Classics 2002 Terrible Lizards Jurassic Age Bucks
American Greetings Dinosaurs Fact Pack Cards
American Greetings Dinosaurs Valentines
American Guidance Service 1983 Peabody Picture Collection
American Gum Corporation Animals of the Past (Diere Van Die Verlede)
American Museum of Natural History 1929 Animals and Men of the Past (Post Card Series II)
American Museum of Natural History 1950's Souvenir Postcards
American Teaching Aids 1989 Dinosaurs Alive! Stickers (North American Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period)
Americana-Kaugummi c.2002 Dinosaur Bubble Gum Wrappers
Ampro Toy 1993 Dinosaur Collectibles Toy Packaging Cutout Cards
Answers in Genesis Dinosaur Cards: The Mystery Solved!
Answers in Genesis 1998 Dinosaur in Genesis Trac Cards
Answers in Genesis 2017 My Giant Dinosaur Game Cards
Anthony Innovations The Touch Sensory Game - Dinosaurs Expansion Pack Fun Facts Cards
Antioch Publishing 1986 Age of Dinosaurs Promo Cards
Antiquities Company 2006 Prehistoria Information Cards
Ants 1998-1999 In Hand Museum Information Sheets
Appreciate Entertainment 2009 Dino Master Duel Dinosaur Cards
Aquarius Random Galaxy Playing Cards
Aquarius 2022 Jurassic Park Playing Cards
Aquarius 2022 Jurassic World Playing Cards
Arby's 2001 Discovery Kids - Dinosaur Paleo-Puzzles Insert Cards
Argus Communications 1979 Prehistoric Animal Cards
Argus Communications 1980 Prehistoric Animals Cards
Arion Dino Kartya Game Cards
Aristoplay 1986 Dinosaurs and Things Gameboard Punchouts
Aristoplay 1986 Dinosaurs and Things Question & Answer Cards
Aristoplay 1987 Paleo Pals Cards
Aristoplay 1992 Paleo Pals Cards
Aristoplay 1998 Dinosaurs and Things Question & Answer Cards
Art of Play 2021 William Stout Dinosaur Playing Cards
Artgame 3D Flicker Dinosaur Bookmarks
Artgame 2022 3D Dinosaur Fact Cards - Green Pack
Arti Grafiche Ricordi S.p.A. 1990 Dinosaur Postcards
Artiach DinoWar Game Cards
Artiach 2011 Spanish Dinosaurus Cookie Box Cut-out Cards - Series 1
Asahi Sonorama 1978 Wonder Cards
ASDA 2001 Jurassic Park III Collector Cards
Ashley Kaye 1993 Jurassic Jeopardy - The Game of Stats and Strategy
Asmodee 2015 Cardline Dinosaurs Card Game (English Edition)
At Fun Shop 2021 Dinosaur Valentine Cards with Bracelets
Australian Museum 1998 Souvenir Postcards
Authentic Cards 3D Dinosaur Postcards
Avalon Hill Game Company, The 1987 Dinosaurs of the Lost World Chits
Avalon Hill Game Company, The 1992 Tyranno Ex
Avimage 1995 Power Rangers POGS
Barnes & Noble Publishing 2004 2005 Dinosaurs Calendar by Karen Carr Insert Stickers
Barnes & Noble Publishing 2005 2006 Dinosaurs Calendar by Karen Carr Insert Stickers
Barratt & Co. 1992 Jurassic Park Candy Sticks Fantastic Facts Series Insert Cards
Barratt & Co. 1994 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures Candy Sticks Insert Cards
Barratt & Co. 1997 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures Cards
Barratt & Co. 1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park Candy Sticks Boxes
Bar-Zim Mfg. Co. c.1955 All About Dinosaurs Magic Teacher Cards
Baton Rouge General Hospital 1990 Safety Tip Prehistoric Animal Information Cards
Battat 1994 Boston Museum of Science Dinosaur Toy Hang Tags - First Series
Bay Caps c.1993 The Ages of the Dinosaurs POGS
Bear 2018-2019 Yoyo Snacks Curious Quest Cards
Bear 2023 Bearilliant Beasts Cards
Beaver Books 2019 Brain Busteres Card Game - Dinosaurs
Beistle Company, The 1993 Prehistoric Animals Bulletin Board Decorations
Beistle Company, The 2018 Dinosaur Cutout Cards
Belgacom The Lost World: Jurassic Park Phone Cards
Bemiss-Jason Corporation 1982 Dinosaurs Bulletin Board Aids Cards
Best Buy 2015 Jurassic World Promo Cards
Better Baby Press, The Encyclopedia Knowledge Series Flash Cards - Dinosaurs Set 1
Betty Crocker Foods 1997 Prehistoric Pairs - Fruit Roll-Ups Dinosaur Collectible Cards
Beverly Dinosaur Concentration Game Cards
Billiken 1964 Educational Cut-out Papers
Billings News 1976 Souvenir Postcards
Bimbo Museo de los Dinosaurios Stickers
Birdcage Press 2005 Old Dinosaur Game Cards
Birdcage Press 2010 Wild Cards Dinosaurs Card Game
Bit of Intelligence 1992 Dinosaur Fact Cards
Bit of Intelligence 2010 Dinosaurs Set I
Blagoo 2017 Blagoosaurs 4D App Cards
Blue Ocean 2021 LEGO Jurassic World Cards (Series One)