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An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

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“Is this not the collector's exquisite pleasure, that his desire should know no bounds, should reach out into the infinite, should never know full possession which disappoints by its very completeness. O what joy to be able to postpone the fulfillment of desire to infinity!”
Georges Rodenbach

The Dinosaur Fan would be much less substantial if it were not for contributions from persons or sources that share my enthusiasm for extinct life and non-sports collectibles. These contributions come in many forms including the discovery of missing sets, providing images of collectibles, augmenting checklists, offering new information, and/or updating/correcting existing content. My deepest appreciation to everyone who has helped to improve The Dinosaur Fan.

Robert Telleria
Qty. of Sets

 Set (Issuer-Date-Desc.)Set ID
A. Arnaud 1951 French Prehistoric Animal Skeleton Paper Cards - Series 1131624
A. Arnaud 1951 French Prehistoric Animal Stickers - Series 851877
Abbeon Supply Company 1955 Animals of Yesteryear Metal Figurines - Information Booklet Inserts576
Abbeon Supply Company 1955 Prehistoric Animals Porcelain-like Figurines - Information Card Inserts387
Alva Studios 1959 Foldout Information Cards3234
American Museum of Natural History 2015 Photographic Cards3285
Ampro Toy 1993 Dinosaur Collectibles Toy Packaging Cutout Cards3212
Antioch Publishing 1986 Age of Dinosaurus Promo Cards1170
Ants 1998 - 1999 In Hand Museum Information Sheets3254
Arby's 2001 Prehistoric Beasts (English Edition)2297
Battat 1994 Boston Museum of Science Dinosaur Toy Hang Tags - First Series2237
Battat 1996 Boston Museum of Science Dinosaur Toy Hang Tags - Second Series2385
Battat 1998 Boston Museum of Science Dinosaur Toy Hang Tags - Third Series2386
Bit of Intelligence 1992 Dinosaur Fact Cards768
Brieger Seifenfabrik Laundry Soap Ad Cards3375
British American Tobacco 1931 Prehistoric Animals Cards - A Series of 25190
British Museum (Natural History) Neave Parker Prehistoric Life Cards2830
British Museum (Natural History) c.1925 Restorations of Extinct Reptiles Cards3210
Burk & Braun 1905 Tiere aus der Urzeit - Series 81276
Captain D's 1990 Young Adventurer Dinosaur Mobile Cards3300
Carolina Biological Supply Co. 1984 Monsters of the Mesozoic Game Cards2391
Centaur Studios Model Packaging Cut-out Cards1166
Chef Boyardee 1989 Dinosaur Adventure Game843
Chemischo Fabrik Tiere aus der Urwelt Floor Wax Ad Cards2192
Chocolates Diaz Animales Prehistoricos3389
Chocolates Guillen Animales Prehistoricos Cards3364
Chocolates Jet 1967 Historia Natural Stickers3394
Chocolates Jet 2011 El Mundo de los Animales Prehistóricos Stickers3395
Chocolates Zahor El Mundo En Que Vivimos Stickers2171
Collezioni Lampo 1951 Figurine di Animali Stickers1205
Cosmoland Co. Ltd. 2006 Japanese Prehistoric Animal Figurine Insert Cards2313
Cottage Cards 1994 The Reign of Pterosaurs! Cards511
Cracker Jack 1967 Picture Panoramas437
Cracker Jack c.1970 Construct-a-Scene Pre-historic Animals3270
Daily Mirror 1993 Brooke Bond Dinosaur Trail Newspaper Cards364
Daily Telegraph Dinosaur Collection - "A Collection to get Your Teeth Into"746
Danmark 1935 Af Verdens Billedbog Stickers1280
Demaret Caramels c.1940 Prehistoric Animals Cards - Series of 25566
Diener Industries 1982 What, Where & When Dinosaurs Play and Learn Info. Cards2654
Dinosaur National Monument 1999 Jurassic Dinosaur Trading Cards670
DLM Teaching Resources 1988 Teaching Adventures Dinosaur Bulletin Board Pinups3431
Dover Publications 1983 Dinosaur Dioramas to Cut & Assemble Cards3340
Dover Publications 1986 Mathew Kalmenoff Dinosaur Stickers and Seals353
Dover Publications 1988 Easy-to-Make Dinosaur Panorama Cutout Cards3342
Dover Publications 1988 Ready to Frame Dinosaur Paintings3341
Dover Publications 2012 Little Dioramas - Dinosaurs3343
Ducale 1989 le specialiste des Dinosaures1830
Dunkin 1988 Dinosaurios Chicle Stickers2895
Echte Wagner Margarine 1928 Urgeschichte ("Prehistory") Cards - Series 9371
Editions de la Tour 1970 Tous Les Animaux Cards3290
Editions Volumetrix 1956 Prehistoire Cards3377
Editions Volumetrix c.1965 Animaux Prehistoriques Stickers3432
Editions Volumetrix 1987 Prehistoire Cards3378
Editorial Bruguera 1952 Album de Zoologia Stickers3397
Editorial Vasco Americana 1968 Laminas Educativas - Animales Prehistoricos3392
Edizioni Dell'Arte 1969 Animali del Mondo Stickers3293
Edizioni Dell'Arte 1969 Animali del Mondo Stickers Album3294
Eigelb Tiere der Urzeit Cards (Series 112)3367
Emil Uhlmann Coffee Advertising Cards3372
Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corp. 1966 Learning About Dinosaurs Classroom Cards2491
Ensemble 1997 USPS The World of Dinosaurs Stamp Series Note Cards814
Eofauna 2017 - 2021 Figure Insert Cards2736
Escudo de Oro Animales Prehistoricos y Reptiles Info Papers - Series 313391
Esquire Features 1937 - 1938 The World Museum Diorama Cut-outs3227
Eucalol c.1938 Os Animais Prehistoricos Cards (Series 31) - Version 2625
Eucalol c.1938 Os Animais Prehistoricos Cards (Series 30) - Version 2624
Eucalol 1938 Os Animais Prehistoricos Cards (Series 30) - Version 13295
Eureka c.1970 Prehistoric Animals Bulletin Board Aid Cards3405
Fernand Nathan Animaux Prehistoriques Game Cards3385
Ferrero Foto Dinos Toy Inserts2239
Ferrero 1979 Saurier3421
First Glance Productions 1993 Canadian Museum of Nature Series # 1 - Prehistoric Aniamals by Ely Kish64
Five Alive 1992 Dinosaur Stickers863
Flora Food Company 1991 The Story of Dinosaurs Stickers507
Fosforera Canariense Prehistoric Animal Match Boxes3310
Franck Vorsintflutliche Allotria Comic Creature Cards1982
Frank Schaffer Publications, Inc. 1985 Dinosaurs Bulletin Board Cards3407
Frank Schaffer Publications, Inc. 1987 Dinosaurs Bulletin Board Cards3406
Funrise, Inc. 1988 Authentic Dinosaur Collection Cut-out Collector Cards2395
Funrise, Inc. 1988 Authentic Dinosaur Replicas Cutout Cards3213
Galoob 1998 MicroMachines National Geographic Dinosaurs Collection Toy Cutout Cards3215
Games for Your Brain 2003 Dinosaur Cards1405
Gartmann 1923 Prehistoric Animals Cards (Series 546)772
Gartmann 1927 Prehistoric Animals (Series 645)1516
Gartmann 1927 Prehistoric Animals Cards (Series 625)773
Giochi Preziosi 2007 Dinofroz World Toy Insert Game Cards2209
Giochi Preziosi 2007 Dinofroz Tribe Toy Insert Game Cards3418
Giochi Preziosi 2011 DinoFroz Combat Game Cards3187
Glenn Confections 1984 Wacky Wax Chewing Gum Cards (Green Background - 14207 Zip Code Edition)1299
Glenn Confections 1985 Wacky Wax Chewing Gum Cards (Blue Background Edition)139
GMD Europe 1990 Earthgame Toy Insert Cards3368
Golden Glow Sales Corp. 1959 Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Stickers1823
Golden Press 1958 Reptiles and Amphibians Punch Out Cards3330
Good Foods S.A. 1999 Dinolocos Toy insert Cards3211
Hallmark Cards, Inc. 1990 Dinosaur Punch-outs Cards3332
Hans im Glück 2020 Paleo Game Cards3443
Harmony Ball Company 2001 Pot Bellys Jurassic Snap Shot Insert Cards1907
Hauswaldt 1905 Vorweltliche Tiere Coffee Ad Cards2193
Hayes School Publishing 1970 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals Animals Bulletin Board Cards3402
Hayes School Publishing 1988 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals Education Cards3403
Heraclio Fournier 1968 Vida y Color Stickers3393
HG Toys 1987 Mammoth Warrior Toy Cut-out Cards3301
HG Toys 1987 Dinosaur Warrior Toy Cut-out Cards3302
Ibled Famous People Cards1514
Izobrazitelnoye Iskusstvo 1969 Russian Prehistoric Animal Post Cards2759
Izobrazitelnoye Iskusstvo 1979 Russian Natural History Cards - Series 11046
Izobrazitelnoye Iskusstvo 1983 Protected Animals & Plants2357
Izobrazitelnoye Iskusstvo 1983 Russian Natural History Cards - Series 21047
Izobrazitelnoye Iskusstvo 1986 Russian Natural History Cards - Series 31195
Izobrazitelnoye Iskusstvo 1989 Russian Prehistoric Animals Educational Cards1546
J.D. Stiefel Vorweltliche Tiere Advertising Cards3369
Jack and Jill 1967 Dinosaurs Cut-outs1261
Jack and Jill 1968 Dinosaurs Cut-outs1262
Jumbo Quiz Quartet - Animaux Prehistoriques Cards3396
Jurgens 1910 Coffee Advertising Cards (Series 5454)3366
Kaiser-Otto Coffee Ad Cards3374
Kaiyodo 2001 Dinotales Insert Stickers (Series 1 - B)3237
Kaiyodo 2002 Dinotales Insert Stickers (Series 3)1578
Kaiyodo 2003 Dinotales Insert Stickers (Series 4)3238
Kaiyodo 2004 Dinotales Insert Stickers (Series 5 -A)3239
Kaiyodo 2004 Dinotales Insert Stickers (Series 5 - B)3240
Kaiyodo 2005 Dinotales Insert Stickers (Series 6 - B)3242
Kaiyodo 2005 Dinotales Insert Stickers (Series 6 - A)3241
Kaiyodo 2006 Dinotales Insert Stickers (Series 7 - B)3244
Kaiyodo 2006 Dinotales Insert Stickers (Series 7 - A)3243
Kaperkit 1980 - 2006 Paper Model Kits3204
Kaufmann & Strauss Co. c.1910 Prehistoric Animal Poster Stamps3441
Kellogg's c.1950 Space Stand-up Cards817
Kikkerland Design c.2019 3-D Dino Cards2831
Kitki 2018 Fossil Wars Dinosaurs Game Cards3016
Klee Spiel Box Dinosaurier Lotto Game Cards & Game Boards1076
Kruger Embossed Paper Dinosaur Cards (Multi-Language Version)541
Kruger Embossed Paper Dinosaur Cards (Single Language Version)2185
Lanier Inc. 1963 Prehistoric Animals Information Papers3434
Larami 1988 Toy Packaging Cards1375
Larami 1992 Land of the Lost Plastic Dinosaurs Cut-out Cards1601
LavAzza 1949 Gli Animali Antidiluviani - Series 61317
LavAzza 1952 Storia Della Terra Cards - Series 80 (LXXX)1319
Marolin 1994 The Primeval Animals Figurine Tags3261
Marolin 1994 Die Urtiere Figurine Tags3262
Martens Yogurt Stickers3323
Martens Yogurt Stickers Uncut Sticker Sheet3324
Marvel Education Company 1985 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals Teaching Pictures3433
McDonald's 1993 Jurassic Park Punch-Out Cards759
Mego Toy Corporation 1971 Action Jackson / The Lost Continent Playset Cutout Figures3236
Merrimack Publications 1989 Dinosaur Paper Doll Cutouts3320
Mintis 1987 Lithuanian Prehistoric Animal Calendar Cards2163
Nabisco 1973 Prehistoric Animal Stickers3263
National Audubon Society 1965 Nature Program - Prehistoric Life Stickers454
National Museum of Nature and Science 2004 The Study Room Figurine Insert Papers3272
National Museum of Nature and Science 2007 Figurine Insert Sheets3271
Natural History Museum (London) 2019 Starstills Dinosaur Cutouts3430
Oriental Trading Company 2021 Jumbo Dinosaur Cut Outs3411
Orsenigo Animali Preistorici Toy Insert Card Booklets1679
Phoskitos 1993 Dino Park Stickers (Numbered)3278
Picture Paster Publicity 1915 The Picture Book of Wisdom Stickers2011
Planet Verlag Tiere der Urzeit Scraps3383
PNSO 2018 Little Dinosaurs Foldout Information Sheets3435
Pomegranate 2004 Dinosaurs Knowledge Cards1689
PopShots, Inc. Standing Notations Birthday Cards1572
Price Stern Sloan 1986 The Dinosaur Action Set Paper Punchouts2328
Price Stern Sloan 1987 The Second Dinosaur Action Set Paper Punchouts3440
Price Stern Sloan 1987 Undersea Dinosaur Action Set Paper Punchouts2652
Price Stern Sloan 1988 Prehistoric Mammals Action Set Punchouts3344
Random House c.1955 All About Dinosaurs Magic Teacher Cards2740
Reusch Coffee Advertising Cards3371
Rimbou Vieil Anvers Cigar Bands753
Safari Ltd. 1983 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals Rummy Cards - (English Edition)289
Safari Ltd. 1983 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals Rummy Cards - (Spanish Edition)290
Safari Ltd. 1983 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animal Rummy Cards (Printed in West Germany)592
Safari Ltd. 1997 Missing Links Alive! Figure Hang Tags1836
Safari Ltd. 2003 Great Dinos Hang Tags3273
Salem 1931 Die bunte Welt (Giganten der Urzeit) Stickers463
Santisimo Sacramento Animales Prehistoricos3390
Sapis 1928 I Tempi Geologici (Riproduzions Vietata)966
Sarpe 1988 Los Animales Prehistoricos Stickers3399
Saurierpark Kleinwelka Gray Border Post Cards3328
Saurierpark Kleinwelka Grosswelka Postcards3337
Saurierpark Kleinwelka Brown Border Post Cards3329
Saurierpark Kleinwelka 1984 - 1986 B&W Post Cards3326
Scholastic, Inc. 1965 Dinosaur Pin-ups3401
Scholastic, Inc. 1977 Dinosaur World Diorama Cards3386
Shekels 1974 Toy Information Card Inserts3235
Silver Dolphin Books 2013 Animal Adventures: Dinosaurs Fact Cards2512
Sinclair Gasoline 1935 Dinosaur Stamps430
Sinclair Gasoline 1962 Figurine Ad Sheets416
Smithsonian 2017 Dinosaurs Playing Cards2634
SRG (Sel-Right Gifts Co.) 1947 Information Booklets1594
Subway 1988 Meal-o-saurus Lenticular Cards3269
Susaeta 1993 Dinosaurios Acuaticos Paper Cut-outs3424
Susaeta 1993 Jurassic Park Punchout Paper Models3309
Susaeta 1993 Mamiferas Prehistoricos Paper Cut-outs3425
Susaeta 1993 Los Dinosaurios Paper Cut-outs3423
Susaeta 1993 Los Dinosaurios II Paper Cut-outs3317
Takara 2002 ChocoQ Animatales Series 6 Insert Papers3438
Takara-Tomy A.R.T.S. 2011 Dino Kingdom Expo Dinosaur Toy Insert Papers3274
Talking Tops Inc. 1989 Dandy-saurus Cards259
Thams & Garfs 1931 Educational Stickers2645
The Beistle Company 1993 Prehistoric Animals Bulletin Board Decorations3422
The Beistle Company 2018 Dinosaur Cutout Cards3412
The Mentor Association, Inc. 1917 The Mentor - Prehistoric Animal Life Photo Plates553
The Museum of Modern Art, New York c.1984 The Dinosaur Shufflebook Flash Cards894
The Natural History Museum (London) Leather Bookmarks2374
The Shanin Group Inc. 2007 Land of the Dinosaurs Fun Facts Cards2021
The Toy Boys 1992 Then and Now Collection Toy Cutout Cards3214
The Toy Factory 1975 Prehistoric Slot-Ems Punchout Toys3222
Topps 1985 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - Series 2 (Flat Finish)3160
Topps 1986 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - Series 32269
Topps 2003 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - All-New Series 13161
Topps 2006 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - All-New Series 53162
Topps 2013 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - Brand New Series 3 - Five Set Compilation3163
Topps 2014 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - Series 1 - Nine Set Compilation3164
Topps 2017 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - Series 2 (Battle of the Bands Metal Sticker Artist Autograph Cards)3168
Topps 2017 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - Series 2 (Battle of the Bands Metal Sticker Subset)3167
Topps 2018 Garbage Pail Kids Oh, The Horror-ible - Seven Set Compilation3172
Toysmith 2001 3D Puzzle Dinosaurs3224
Trend Enterprises, Inc. 1975 Teacher Resource Cards - Dinosaurs3410
Trend Enterprises, Inc. 1979 Dinosaurs & Prehistorics Decorations Bulletin Board Cards3413
Trend Enterprises, Inc. 2014 Discovering Dinosaurs Bulletin Board Pin-ups3420
Troll Associates 1985 Dinosaurs Bulletin Board Cards3408
Tsukuda 1990 Dinosaur Game Cards3255
Twist 'n' Squeeze 1993 Dinosaurs Stickers521
Underwood & Underwood Publishers 1904 Stereoscopic Studio Cards449
Unidentified Japanese Menko Playing Cards2532
Unidentified Japanese Dinosaur Game Coins (Large)1919
Unidentified Japanese Dinosaur Game Coins (Small)1920
Unidentified 1933 Sepia Prehistoric Photos1346
Unidentified 1989 Prehistoric Animal Matchbox Labels997
Unidentified 1997 Jurassic Park: The Lost World 3-D Prism Cards2265
United States Postal Service 1997 The World of Dinosaurs Stampers Cards1189
Verlag für Lehrmittel Pößneck GmbH 1975 Tiere der Urzeit1535
Walt Disney Disneyland Train Ride Postcards3284
Walt Disney 1972 Animals of the Primeval World Study Prints3442
Watermill Press 1978 Build & Learn Dinosaurs Punch Out Cards2653
Weston Bread 1987 Saurus Stickers1362
Whitehall Games, Inc. 1979 Prehistoric Slot-Ems Punchout Toys3223
Whitman 1973 Dinosaurs Prehistoric Wonders of the Wordls Punch-out Cards3404
Whitman 1975 Tiny Dinosaur Museum Press-out Book Figures1529
William Scheele 1988 Prehistoric Animals Cards - Series 13048
William Scheele 1988 Prehistoric Animals Cards - Series 23047
Willitts Designs 1987 Skulls of Antiquity Figurine Tent Cards3409
Wizards of the Coast 2017 Ixalan - Magic: The Gathering Game Cards2728
YPS-Sammel Die Menschen der Urzeit Stickers988
Zuntz Coffee Advertising Cards3373

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