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Recent Additions to The Dinosaur Fan Website

Additions Since:
May 13, 2024
“Set Adds” are new set entries since the date indicated above. In almost every case, there is at least one item included (e.g., cards, stickers, postcards). These items are not included in the “Item Adds” section below because they were added at the same time as the set.

Set Adds
AFC Enterprises 2007 Kidcentives Lenticular Dinosaur Cards

DB ID: 4537
Chesterway 1993 Dinosaur Series Colouring Cards

DB ID: 4549
Comic Images 1994 The Alien World of Wayne Barlowe Collector Cards

DB ID: 4551
Edito-Service S. A. 1992 Prehistoric Animals Cards (German)

DB ID: 4546
Entertain Golden Village Cinemas (EGV) 2000 Movie Postcards

DB ID: 4538
Lake Buena Vista (FL) 1989 First Day Stamp Issue Postcards

DB ID: 4544
Ludwig Fahrenkrog 1910's Prehistoric Scene Postcards

DB ID: 4548
Robinsons 2000 Fruit Drink Disney Dinosaur Hand Puppet Offer Postcards

DB ID: 4540
Royal Australian Mint 2022 Australian Dinosaurus Coin Holder Cards

DB ID: 4543
Royal Mail (United Kingdom) 2024 The Age of the Dinosaurs Stamps Postcards

DB ID: 4547
Russian Post 1990 First-day Prehistoric Animal Postcards

DB ID: 4542
The Royal Mint (United Kingdom) 2020 Tales of the Earth (The Dinosauria Collection) Coin Cards

DB ID: 4536
Unidentified 1910's Dinosaur Art Postcards

DB ID: 4550
Unidentified Photo Post Cards

DB ID: 4541
Verlag Schoning Prehistoric Animal Postcards

DB ID: 4545
Walt Disney Fantasia Movie Postcards

DB ID: 4539
The “Item Adds" section includes items (e.g., cards, stickers, postcards) that were added to the site after the applicable set was originally entered.

Item Adds
Brooke Bond 1993 Dinosaur Trail Cards ("BB1 1 1PG" Postal Code Version)
Brooke Bond 1993 Dinosaur Trail Cards ("BB1 1 1PG" Postal Code Version) - Double Photos
Brooke Bond 1993 Dinosaur Trail Cards ("BB1 1PG" Postal Code Version)
Brooke Bond 1993 Dinosaur Trail Cards ("BB1 1PG" Postal Code Version) - Double Photos
Dinamation International 1990's Dinosaur Postcards
DineAville Motel & Cafe (Vernal, UT) Souvenir Postcards
DinoCardz Company 1991-1992 Prehistoric Animal Postcards
Edito-Service S. A. 1992-1993 Prehistoric Animals Cards (Dutch)
Enesco 2015 Walt Disney Archives Collection Fantasia Notecards
Fotofolio Photo Art Postcards
Grolier, Inc. 1991-1995 Wildlife Adventure Cards
Toyway Multi-lingual Dinosaur Postcards
Unidentified Japanese Creature Menko Cards
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Sketch Cards (Single Card Panel)
Walt Disney Micky Maus Magazine Insert Trading Quiz Cards