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An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

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Contributors to The Dinosaur Fan

“Is this not the collector's exquisite pleasure, that his desire should know no bounds, should reach out into the infinite, should never know full possession which disappoints by its very completeness. O what joy to be able to postpone the fulfillment of desire to infinity!”
Georges Rodenbach

The Dinosaur Fan would be much less substantial if it were not for contributions from persons or sources that share my enthusiasm for extinct life and non-sports collectibles. These contributions come in many forms including the discovery of missing sets, providing images of collectibles, augmenting checklists, offering new information, and/or updating/correcting existing content. My deepest appreciation to everyone who has helped to improve The Dinosaur Fan.
Jeff Quinn
Qty. of Sets
 Set (Issuer-Date-Desc.)Set ID
20th Century Fox 1959 Journey to the Center of the Earth Lobby Cards3988
Album Cultura c.1970 Hace Millones de Anos Stickers1974
Brooke Bond 1963 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals - Series No. 5 Naturalist Club Certificates (Canadian Version)1973
Brooke Bond 1963 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals - Series No. 5 Posters1977
Diamantine Tiere Aus Der Urwelt1130
Dr. Thompson's Tiere Aus Der Urwelt912
Eagle-Lion Films 1951 Two Lost Worlds Lobby Cards3990
Franck Vorsintflutliche Allotria Comic Creature Cards1982
Hobby Trading Post 1963 Toy Model Advertising Cards (Nu-Card Reprint Series)374
Jurgens 1910 Coffee Advertising Cards (Series 5454)3366
Koffies Rombouts c.1945 Comic Prehistoric Scene Cards1992
Krugs Magic Cards of Knowledge Water Color Cards3365
Monina y Yoyi 1971 Animales Prehistoricos Toy Info Paper Foldouts4110
Nu-Card Sales 1961 Dinosaur Series Trading Cards31
Orsenigo Animali Preistorici Toy Insert Card Booklets1679
Rover Comics 1949 Comic Book Cut-out Cards (The Giant Animals of a Million Years Ago)1976
TYCO 1988 Dino-Riders Toys Insert Cards1952
Unidentified c.1890 Victorian Prehistoric Animal Scraps3354
Unidentified Order of Ropeco Stickers3357
Universal Pictures 1960 Dinosaurus! Lobby Cards3987
Warner Bros. 1956 The Animal World Lobby Cards3984