(HET-e-ro-DON-to-SAWR-us | 'Different Toothed Lizard')

Type Species*: tucki

* Globally extinct life form (†), only the type species is displayed
Life Form ID: 547

Illustration of Heterodontosaurus
The Prehistoric Gallery of Mineo Shiraishi
Heterodontosaurus Fossil

Heterodontosaurus Collectibles Gallery
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Ace Dinosaurier Game Cards
Ace Dinosaurs Fact Pack Cards
Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten Dinosaurier Game Cards
Arion Dino Kartya Game Cards
Art of Play 2021 William Stout Dinosaur Playing Cards
Birdcage Press 2005 Old Dinosaur Game Cards
British Museum (Natural History) 1922-1978 Souvenir Postcards (G Series)
British Museum (Natural History) 1978 Dinosaur Souvenir Cards
C.O.F. 2000 Dino World Battle Cards - Version One
Caltex 1991 The Kingdom of the Dinosaurs Stickers
Carolina Biological Supply Co. 1983 Monsters of the Mesozoic Game Cards
Cromy Dinosaur in My Pocket Stickers
Cromy 1993 Dinosaur In My Pocket Match 4 Game Cards
Daily Telegraph, The Dinosaur Collection - "A Collection to get Your Teeth Into"
DeJankins 2001 Deanosaurs Dinosaur Figure Cards - Series M
Dinosaur National Monument Souvenir Postcards
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. 1995 Dinosaur Snaps Game Cards
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. 1995 Press-Out Dinosaurs
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. 2003 Top Ass Dinosaurier Quartett Game Cards
Dover Publications 1998 Learning About Jurassic Dinosaurs Stickers
Ducale 1989 Le Specialiste des Dinosaures
Dynamic Marketing & Printing 1991 Attack of the Dinosaurs Stickers (Sticker Card Edition)
Dynamic Marketing & Printing 1991 Attack of the Dinosaurs Stickers (Sticker Sheet Edition)
Dynamic Marketing & Printing 1993 Attack of the Dinosaurs Stickers
Dynamic Marketing & Printing 1999 Escape of the Dinosaurs Cards
Edito-Service S. A. 1992-1993 Prehistoric Animals Cards (Dutch)
Educational Insights 1997 GeoSafari Electronic Learning Game Cards - The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Emmi Swiss Creamer Tops - Dinosaur Sketches
Five Alive 1992 Dinosaur Stickers
Gametoy Development Co. 1988 The Dinosaur Game
Giochi Preziosi 2007 Dinofroz Decagon-shaped Toy Insert Cards
Giochi Preziosi 2007 Dinofroz World Toy Insert Game Cards
GMD Europe 1990 Earthgame Toy Insert Cards
Heraclio Fournier 1993 Dinosaurios Information Game Cards
Ideal School Supply Company 1987 Dinosaur & Prehistoric Animals Flash Cards
Ideal School Supply Company 2000 Dinosaur & Prehistoric Animals Flash Cards
Jacob & Co. 1994 School of Dinosaurs Cards
Jake 1989 Dinosaurs Sticker Pairs
Judy/Instructo 2000 Dino-Mite! Science Card Game
Kitki 2018 Fossil Wars Dinosaurs Game Cards
Klee Spiel Box Dinosaurier Lotto Game Cards & Game Boards
KVIZ 1996 Dinoszauruszok (Foldunk Allativilaga)
Lo Scarabeo 2004 Dinosaurs & Co. Playing Cards
Lulu Dino Memoria Kartya - Series 2
Macmillan 1995 Press-Out Dinosaurs
Marca 2012 Dinosaurios! Stickers
Master Books 1997 3D Dinosaur Cards
Masters Cards 1993 Dinocard Cards
McGraw-Hill, Inc. 2002 Dinosaurs Fact Cards
McGraw-Hill, Inc. 2004 Science and Social Studies Fact Cards
Monsterwax 2015 Dinosaur Galaxy Card Set
Mun-War Enterprises Inc. 1993 The Greatest Cards Unearthed! Collector Cards
Nestle 1995 Dinossauros - Surpresa Insert Cards
Orbis Publishing Ltd. Come Saurios Dinosaurios Cards
Orbis Publishing Ltd. 1992 Dino Tausch Dinosaurier! Cards - Series 1
Orbis Publishing Ltd. 1992 Swap It! Dinosaurs! Cards - Series 1
Orbis Publishing Ltd. 1993 Dinopigliatutto Dinosauri Cards
Panini 2002 Stick & Stack El Mundo de los Dinosaurios Stickers
Pomegranate Communications 2004 Dinosaurs Knowledge Cards
Price Stern Sloan 1986 The Dinosaur Action Set Paper Punchouts
Redstone Marketing, Inc. 1993 Dinosaurs - The Mesozoic Era Collector Cards
Schmidt Spiele 1992 Dinosaurier Paare Suchen
Schwager & Steinlein Dinosaurier Quiz Karten
Sea To Sky Photography 2007 Discover Dinosaurs Playing Cards
SGI 1994 Dinosaurs POGS
Smithsonian Institution 2017 Dinosaurs Playing Cards
Steve Jackson Games Incorporated 1996 Dino Hunt Demo Hunt Series Cards
Steve Jackson Games Incorporated 1996 Dino Hunt Limited Edition Gold Border Series Cards
Susaeta 1993 Los Dinosaurios Paper Cut-outs
Tangerine Press 2007 Dig It! Dinosaur Duels Game Cards
Top Trumps 1993 Super Top Trumps Dinosaurs II Game Cards (Waddingtons Games)
Top Trumps 2000 Top Trumps Dinosaurs Game Cards (Winning Moves)
USAopoly 1998 Monopoly Junior - Dig'n Dinos Chance Cards & Bio Cards
Verlag Schoning Prehistoric Animal Postcards
Walt Disney Micky Maus Magazine Insert Trading Quiz Cards
Weldon Owen 2008 Dinosaurs: Jumbo-Sized Fact Cards
Winning Moves UK Ltd. 2001 Dinosaurier Game Cards (Winning Moves)
Unidentified 101 Dinosaurios Trading Cards Coleccionables
Unidentified Dinosaur Flash Cards
Unidentified 1990's Japanese Dinosaur Playing Cards