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Collectibles by Category
"Tell me what you collect, tell me how you collect, and I will tell you who you are."
Jean Willy Mestach
This section of The Dinosaur Fan presents sets by the category into which they fit. I define the term category to mean the general type (e.g., cards, stickers) or purpose (e.g., packaging, display) for which the sets were produced. I created these categories for summary and reporting purposes and have done my best to associate sets as logically as possible. As you can well imagine, some sets can potentially fit into a variety of categories. For the purposes of this website, I have assigned one and only one category to each set. Sets consisting of “odd ball” items (e.g., booklets, hats, glasses, novelties) are listed under the "Miscellaneous" category.
Use caution; check the data before you use it. NOTE: the information presented throughout this website has NOT been reviewed by any person or organization. All information has been gathered and/or synthesized by me. I am doing my best to provide accurate data however, if you use material from this website for any reason, I would advise you do so with EXTREME CAUTION as there is a good chance that omissions, errors and/or outdated information may exist.
Current Collectibles Record Totals
# of Sets# of Items
Top 20 Set Counts by Category
CategoryQty. of Sets
Paper Items99
Card Decks32
Other Stuff28
Exhibit Pieces17
Point of Sale12
Phone Cards4
Advertising Items3
Digital (Electronic) Cards2
Uncut Card Sheets1

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