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The Dinosaur Fan: Why dinosaur cards? Who built it and and for what purpose?
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The Dinosaur Fan is a virtual extinct life collectibles encyclopedia. The intent of this website is to provide images and summary information about extinct life-related collectibles from around the World, hopefully in a fun, interesting, and highly visual fashion. At its lowest level, this site about four things:
  • Collecting: this site attempts to serve as a virtual encyclopedia for anyone curious about collectibles relating to extinct life by providing photos, checklists, and summary information about a variety of ephemera (i.e., paper items) which include images of these long-gone creatures.

  • Extinct Life: this site provides images, elementary information, and cladistics (e.g., family trees) relating to extinct lifeforms, living flora and fauna, fictional beasts, and inanimate objects.

  • Baseball: this site provides images, photos of collectibles, and summary statistics pertaining to the members of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • Fun: I created this website as way to share my passion for extinct life and collecting. I enjoy the trials of the database work, the challenges of building the webpages, and most of all, the perpetual hunt to find previously omitted collectibles. I hope you have as much fun browsing The Dinosaur Fan and I do maintaining it.
"Dinosaurs on the brain?
Well as a matter of fact, I have the same problem."
                                                     (Professor Alan Grant, Jurassic Park)
Tyrannosaurus skull silhouette filled with dinosaur and monster images from Hollywood movies. Prefaced with an Alan Grant quote from the Jurassic Park movie.

Current Collectibles Record Totals
Total Sets
Total Items
Total Accessible Items*
34,463 (22.84%)
Total Images**
Sets w. Artists***
* Quantiy of items which are physically accessible (percentage of all items in the site)

** Image total includes the fronts, backs, and third images of collectibles as applicable (e.g., album pages, inside of foldouts, figurines)

*** Number of sets for which at least one artist has been identified

The Dinosaur Fan - Published Articles & Card Set
Published article by Mike Riley - Paper Trackways: My hunt for prehistoric paper collectibles. Paper Trackways: My hunt for prehistoric paper collectibles Article by me providing an introduction to dinosaur cards from every inhabited continent of the World. Prehistoric Times #124 (Winter 2018), Pages 56 -58
Dinosaur card set text written by Mike Riley for the 2015 Monsterwax Dinosaur Galaxy Card Sets. 2015 Monsterwax Dinosaur Galaxy Card Set Card text written by me for the Dinosaur Galaxy base set, the Dino-motion Lenticular subset, the Majestic Megafauna subset, and the Liquid Leviathans Fold-out Index sheet Monsterwax (www.monsterwax.com)
Published article by Mike Riley - Trackways of the Terrible Lizards Trackways of the Terrible Lizards Cover article by me introducing dinosaur card collecting with examples from various countries The Wrapper #190 (Oct. 1 – Nov. 15, 2002), Pages 12-14
The Dinosaur Fan by Mike Riley selected as one of the coolest non-sports internet fan sits. Dino-mite Site Non-Sport Internet Shrines by Scott Thomas which highlights cool Non-Sport card Internet fan sites including The Dinosaur Fan Non-Sport Update Vol. 13, No. 1 (February/March 2002), Pages 34 & 40