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Baseball Hall of Fame Members and Prospective Members:
1909 - 1911 American Tobacco Base Ball ("White Border" Series) (T206)
(Database Set ID: 33)
Home Run Baker 

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Chief Bender - Pitching, Trees In Background 

Chief Bender - Portrait 

Roger Bresnahan - Portrait 

Roger Bresnahan - With Bat 

Mordecai Brown - "Chicago" On Shirt 

Mordecai Brown - "Cubs" On Shirt 

Mordecai Brown - Portrait 

Frank Chance - Batting 

Frank Chance - Portrait, Red Background 

Frank Chance - Portrait, Yellow Background 

Jack Chesbro 

Fred Clarke - Pittsburgh, Holding Bat 

Fred Clarke - Pittsburgh, Portrait 

Ty Cobb - Portrait, Green Background 

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Ty Cobb - Portrait, Red Background 

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Ty Cobb - Bat Off Shoulder 

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Ty Cobb - Bat On Shoulder 

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Eddie Collins - Philadelphia 

Jimmy Collins - Minneapolis 

Sam Crawford - Throwing 

Sam Crawford - With Bat 

George Davis - Chicago 

Hugh Duffy 

Johnny Evers - Portrait 

Johnny Evers - "Cubs" On Shirt, w/ Bat 

Johnny Evers - "Chicago" On Shirt, w/ Bat 

Clark Griffith - Batting 

Clark Griffith - Portrait 

Miller Huggins - Hand At Mouth 

Miller Huggins - Portrait 

Hughie Jennings - One Hand Showing 

Hughie Jennings - Both Hands Showing 

Hughie Jennings - Portrait 

Walter Johnson - Pitching 

Walter Johnson - Portrait 

Addie Joss - Pitching 

Addie Joss - Portrait 

Willie Keeler - Portrait 

Willie Keeler - Batting 

Joe Kelley 

Nap Lajoie - Portrait 

Nap Lajoie - Throwing 

Nap Lajoie - With Bat 

Rube Marquard - Pitching Follow Through 

Rube Marquard - Portrait 

Christy Mathewson - Dark Cap 

Christy Mathewson - Portrait 

Christy Mathewson - White Cap 

Iron Man McGinnity 

John McGraw - Finger In Air 

John McGraw - Glove At Hip 

John McGraw - Portrait No Cap 

John McGraw - Portrait With Cap 

Plank, Phila. Amer. 

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Tris Speaker 

Joe Tinker - Bat Off Shoulder 

Joe Tinker - Bat On Shoulder 

Joe Tinker - Hands On Knees 

Joe Tinker - Portrait 

Rube Waddell - Portrait 

Rube Waddell - Throwing 

Heinie Wagner - Bat On Left Shoulder 

Heinie Wagner - Bat On Right Shoulder 

Honus Wagner 

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Bobby Wallace 

Ed Walsh 

Zack Wheat 

Cy Young  - Glove Shows 

Cy Young  - Bare Hand Shows 

Cy Young  - Portrait 

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