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  Baseball Hall of Fame Members and Prospective Members:
1888 August Beck & Company Yum Yum Tobacco Cards (N403)
(Database Set ID: 221)
Cap Anson (batting) 

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Cap Anson (portrait) 

Ban Brouthers 

John Clarkson (portrait) 

John Clarkson (throwing) 

Roger Connor (batting) 

Roger Connor (portrait) 

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Buck Ewing (portrait) 

Buck Ewing (with bat) 

Pud Galvin 

Tim Keefe (pitching) 

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Tim Keefe (portrait) 

King Kelly (batting) 

King Kelly (standing) 

Connie Mack 

O'Rourke (portrait) 

O'Rourke (with bat) 

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John Ward 

Mickey Welch (ball in hands) 

Mickey Welch (portrait) 

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Mickey Welch (right arm extended) 

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