(AL-a-mo-SAWR-us | 'Alamo Lizard')

Type Species*: sanjuanensis

* Globally extinct life form (†), only the type species is displayed
Life Form ID: 30

Illustration of Alamosaurus by John Sibbick
Illustration of Alamosaurus
Repteis on-line
Alamosaurus Spine Fossil
National Park Service
Illustration of Alamosaurus
The Dinosaur Art of Joe Tucciarone

Alamosaurus Collectibles Gallery
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Admark 1993 Dinosaur Cards
Condis 2019 Super Animals 4 Grocery Store Cards
DeJankins 1997 Deanosaurs Dinosaur Figure Cards - Series E
Dinosaur National Monument Souvenir Postcards
Documentary Photo Aids c.1977 Educational Life Evolution Cards
Dorset Press 2003 2003 Dinosaur Calendar by Karen Carr Insert Stickers
Dover Publications 1997 Learning About Cretaceous Dinosaurs Stickers
Flash of Brilliance 2006 Dinosaur Flashcards
Frank Schaffer Publications, Inc. 1996 Let's Create a Prehistoric Scene Punch-out Cards
Gametoy Development Co. 1988 The Dinosaur Game
GleeBeeCo 2023 Holo Collector Cards
Half Price Books 1996 Lone Star Dinosaurs DinoQuiz Cards
Illuminations 1987 Dinosaur Club Action Cards (Numbered Series)
Illuminations 1987 Dinosaur Club Action Cards (Un-numbered Series)
MV Editores 1992 El Gran Album de Los Dinosaurios Stickers
Polymath Play 2022 Fossil Canyon Game Dinosaur Cards
Printissa 2005 Russian Dinosaur Playing Cards
RGA Publishing Group, Inc. 1988 Dinosaurs Flash Cards
RGA Publishing Group, Inc. 1988 Dinosaurs Science Flash Cards
Santa Cruz Milk Cap Company 1993 Dinosaurs in Shining Armor POGS
Texas Postcard Company, The Humor Postcards
Wanderin Star Prehistoric Postcards
Watermill Press 1988 Science Flash Cards Fascinating Fun and Facts: Dinosaurs