(Mee-so-hip-pus | 'Middle Horse')

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* BOLD = type species | † = globally extinct genera (only type species listed) | contemporary and/or partially extinct genera (type species & applicable extinct species listed)

Illustration of Mesohippus
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Mesohippus Collectibles Gallery
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American Museum of Natural History 1996 Bookmarks
Chicago Natural History Museum Souvenir Postcards
Cocorico 1954 Les Animaux Prehistoriques Stickers
EDI Hace Millones Anos Cards
Fernand Nathan Animaux Prehistoriques Game Cards
Gloria-Verlag AG 1971 Sternstuden der Erd-und Weltgeschichte - History Book Stickers
Golden Press 1954 Dinosaurs And Other Animals Of The Past Stamp Book Stamps
Golden Press 1961 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals Trading Cards
Golden Press 1968 The Golden Stamp Book of Animals of the Past Stamps
Hobby Trading Post 1963 Toy Model Advertising Cards (Nu-Card Reprint Series)
Liebig 1954 Gli Equidi (Horse Families) Cards (Italian Series)
Lulu Osallatok Memoria Kartya - Series 2
Nu-Card Sales 1961 Dinosaur Series Trading Cards
Produzioni Editoriali Aprile S.p.A. 1977 Animali del Passato Stickers
Reichardt 1910 Tiere der Urwelt Lithographs - Series 3
Reichardt 1933 Tiere der Urwelt von Wilhelm Bolsche Reichardwerk Mini Card Reprints
Reichardt 1933 Tiere der Urwelt von Wilhelm Bolsche Reichardwerk Mini Paper Reprints
Weekly Reader Books 1981 Wildlife Treasury Data Cards - Prehistoric Life
Zuid-Nederlandse Uitgeverij 1958 Dieren Uit Het Verre Verleden Stickers