Explore extinct life by their name
(i.e., genus)

Explore extinct life by their common names
(i.e., Dinosaur, Bird)

Explore extinct life by family groupings
(i.e., cladistic relationships)

Explore extinct life by geological time period
(i.e., when the life form lived)

Explore extinct life by geographic location
(i.e., where the fossils were found)

Explore extinct life by paleontologist/author
(i.e., person(s) who named the life form)

Explore fantasy life forms shaped by the human mind and experience
(i.e., fictional creatures & monsters)

An introduction to the Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Dinosaur Fan Non-sports Collectibles Digest

Fiction Novels Featuring Prehistoric Animals, Mutant Beasts & Primeval Man

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Illustration of Monolophosaurus
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Illustration of Monolophosaurus

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Artiach 2011 Spanish Dinosaurus Cookie Box Cut-out Cards - Series 1
Clade-Gravim Series #6: 'The Jurassic Saurischians' Trading Cards
D-Gate Japanese Dinosaur Scan Battle Cards
LU (Lefevre Utile) Dinosaurs Cut-out Cards
Mattel, Inc. 1998 Jurassic World Dino Rivals Toy Insert Cards
Mun-War Enterprises Inc. 1993 The Greatest Cards Unearthed! Collector Cards
One2Play 2011 Dinowaurs Survival Battle Profile Cards
Panini 2020 Jurassic World: Ultimate Sticker Album Cards
Royal Tyrrell Museum 1997 Signature Series Cards
Upper Deck 2008 Dinosaur King Game Cards - Series 1: Base Set
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Canvas Mini Cards
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Canvas Mini Cards Extinction Red Parallel Set
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Extinction Red Parallel Set
Woolworths 2015 Ancient Animals Cards
Woolworths 2015 Ancient Animals Stickers

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