Explore extinct life by their name
(i.e., genus)

Explore extinct life by their common names
(i.e., Dinosaur, Bird)

Explore extinct life by family groupings
(i.e., cladistic relationships)

Explore extinct life by geological time period
(i.e., when the life form lived)

Explore extinct life by geographic location
(i.e., where the fossils were found)

Explore extinct life by paleontologist/author
(i.e., person(s) who named the life form)

Explore fantasy life forms shaped by the human mind and experience
(i.e., fictional creatures & monsters)

An introduction to the Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia along with some statistics regarding what information is available

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(yoo-die-MOR-fo-don | 'True Dimorphodon')


Illustration of Eudimorphodon
Planet Dinosaur
Eudimorphodon Fossil
Illustration of Eudimorphodon
The Prehistoric Gallery of Mineo Shiraishi
Illustration of Eudimorphodon
Content Paradise (Artist: Dinoraul)

Collectibles Gallery
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Appreciate Entertainment 2009 Dino Master Duel Dinosaur Cards
Arion Dino Kartya Game Cards
Bay Caps The Ages of the Dinosaurs POGS
Chocolates Jet 2011 El Mundo de los Animales Prehistóricos Stickers
Clarke & Associates 1994 Informational Dinosaur POGS
Contemporary Books 1990 Flying Dinosaurs: Amazing Ready-to-Make Models
Cottage Cards 1994 The Reign of Pterosaurs! Cards
Galoob 1998 Micro Machines National Geographic Dinosaurs Collection Toy Cutout Cards
KVIZ 1996 Dinoszauruszok (Foldunk Allativilaga)
Lulu Dino Memoria Kartya - Series 1
Lulu Dino Memoria Kartya - Series 3
Masters Cards 1993 Dinocard Cards
MV Editores 1992 El Gran Album de Los Dinosaurios Stickers
Penguin Books 1990 Flying Dinosaurs: Amazing Ready-to-Make Models
Steve Jackson Games Incorporated 1996 Dino Hunt Limited Edition Gold Border Series Cards
Top Trumps 1993 Super Top Trumps Dinosaurs II Game Cards (Waddingtons Games)
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Canvas Mini Cards
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Canvas Mini Cards Extinction Red Parallel Set
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Extinction Red Parallel Set
YPS-Sammel Das Dinosaurier Panorama Stick & Lift Stickers

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