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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Imaginary Existence
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustrations/Sketches
1. 1994 Comic Images Ken Barr Foil Promo Card This life form is extinct 2. 1995 FPG Ken Kelly Colossal Card This life form is extinct 3. 1996 WildStorm Gen 13 - Series 2 Card This life form is extinct 4. 2010 Sadlittles Damsels & Dinosaurs Sketch Card This life form is extinct 5. 1996 FPG Joe Jusko's Edgar Rice Burroughs Colossal Card This life form is extinct
6. 1994 FPG Mike Ploog Fantasy Art Card This life form is extinct
Albertosaurus Allosaurus Ankylosaurus c Antarctodolops Apatosaurus c Brachiosaurus c
Brontosaurus c Carnotaurus Cave Bear Centrosaurus Ceratosaurus c Corythosaur
Deinonychus Dimetrodon c Ding Kongs p c Dinotapp p c Diplodocus Dogzilla p c
Elasmosaur Ericiolacerta Euoplocephalus c Extinct Critters c Gorgosaurus Ichthyornis c
Ichthyosaurus Iguanodon c Jurassic Pork p c Kentrosaurus Lambeosaurus Leptoceratops
Loch Ness Monster c Mammoth c Mastodon c Mosasaurus Oligokyphus Pachycephalosaurus
Paralititan c Parasaurolophus c Plesiosaurus c Prey-Doh p c Protoceratops c Psittacosaurus
Pteranodon c Pterodactylus Quetzalcoatlus Raptor Rhamphorhynchus Smilodon c
Spinosaurus Stegosaurus c Styracosaurus c Thylacoleo Triceratops c Tyrannosaurus p c
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