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Imaginary Existence
Children's Live Action TV Series, ABC, Lauched: 1993
1. Pterazord This life form is extinct 2. Marque This life form is extinct 3. Cephalazord This life form is extinct 4. Tricerazord This life form is extinct 5. Kira Ford (Yellow), Trent Fernandez (White), Conner McKnight (Red), Dr. Tommy Oliver (Black) & Ethan James (Blue) This life form is extinct
6. Mezodon Rover This life form is extinct
Ankylo Zord p Ankylozord p Black Raptor Rider p c Blue Raptor Rider p c Brachiozord p c Cephalazord p
Dimetrozord p c Dragozord p Mastodon Dinozord p c Mezodon Rover p Pachy Zord p Para Zord p
Parasaurzord p Plesio Zord p Ptera Zord p c Pterazord p Pterodactyl Dinozord p c Quantasaurus Rex p
Raptor Zord p Red Raptor Rider p c Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord p c Stega Zord p Stegozord p Titano Zord p
Titanus p T-Rex Zord p Tricera Zord p c Triceratops Dinozord p c Tricerazord p Tyrannosaurus Dinozord p c
Tyrannozord p c Yellow Raptor Rider p
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