A Pictorial Almanac of Extinct Life from All Corners of the Earth

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Fiction Novels Featuring Prehistoric Animals, Mutant Beasts & Primeval Man

An introduction to The Dinosaur Fan website and a few tidbits about its author along with some statistics regarding what information is available

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The Dinosaur Fan is a virtual extinct life pictorial encyclopedia & non-sports collectibles digest. The purpose of this website is to provide images and summary information about extinct life in a fun and interesting fashion. At its highest level, this site about three things:

  • Extinct Life: providing images, photos of collectibles, and summary information about extinct life forms so that anyone of any age can look up and see what these extinct creatures looked like as well as read high-level factoids. This section of The Dinosaur Fan serves as a virtual encyclopedia of extinct life ranging from microscopic critters to the legionary dinosaurs.
    As of 8/20/2017, The Dinosaur Fan encompasses 74,446 genera with 162,053 related species.

  • Collecting: providing photos, checklists, and summary information about a variety of ephemera (i.e., paper items) which include extinct life. This section of The Dinosaur Fan serves as a virtual digest for anyone curious about collectibles relating to extinct life.
    As of 8/20/2017, The Dinosaur Fan encompasses 2,375 sets which include 89,094 individual items such as cards, stickers, POGS, and albums.

  • Nature on the Rampage: providing a ‘bare bones’ listing of fiction novels with themes involving modern man's survival in environments inhabited by ravenous prehistoric animals (e.g., dinosaurs, extinct mammals), vicious mutant creatures, and brutal primal man.
    As of 8/20/2017, The Dinosaur Fan includes a listing of 142 books.

  • Fun: I created this website as way to share my passion for extinct life and collecting. I enjoy the trials of the database work, the challenges of building the webpages, and most of all the perpetual hunt to find previously omitted life forms, life form images, and/or collectibles. I hope you have as much fun browsing The Dinosaur Fan and I do maintaining it.

"Dinosaurs on the brain?
Well as a matter of fact, I have the same problem."
(Professor Grant, Jurassic Park)