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Zindel, Paul
Hyperion Paperbacks
Catastrophic “Natural” Events
Living Mammals
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (12/03/04)
My Rating:
2-1/2 Scars
2-1/2 Scars

She was in madness now, and Marge's right foot slammed down again to crush the accelerator. The tires howled, and somehow suddenly grabbed. The truck shot forward, crashed into the boardwalk, and headed straight for the kids. Marge's dreams of saving them, were gone. There would be no Marge-the-Savior photo in the newspaper, she knew. Oh, she would be in the papers. Like Leroy Sabiesiak. She'd be in there just like Leroy.

The rats were tearing and biting the skin from the insides of her thighs. Several had crawled up her shirt and they bit vengefully at her naked arms and shoulders. In a moment, the rats had covered her face again. She felt the claws that tore into her eyeballs. She screamed as the paws scraped and bit into her sockets until the rats' teeth were at the gateway of her brain."

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