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Meg: Primal Waters
Alten, Steve
Forge Books
Lost World (Cryptozoology)
Extinct Fish
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (09/15/04)
My Rating:
3 Scars
3 Scars
“-as a halo of lime green appears beneath the mob, the glow gradually brightening into a twelve foot wide bear trap, filled with nightmarish white teeth. Ronald is on his feet, watching breathlessly as the horrible set of jaws rises higher to become the monstrous head of a ghostly albino Great White shark only the creature is way too big to be a Great White. And now Ronald is screaming with the others - giggling and screaming - as his ex wife and her boyfriend fall into the Megalodon's beckoning mouth, and then he is gagging as he witnesses those snapping jowls devour a half dozen flailing, shell-shocked people, and now he is on his knees again, thanking God that he is still alive, and to hell with money, to hell with his boat, just please get him home safely.”

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