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Clark, Leigh
Leisure Books
Cryogenic Restoration (Deep Freeze Thaw)
Extinct Reptiles
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (07/10/04)
My Rating:
3 Scars
3 Scars
“The tyrannosaur appeared on the scene then. It began picking off stragglers from the rear of the crowd outside, bolting bodies down whole, the grinding of its huge teeth audible even above the howling storm as. it crunched through flesh and bone, the men's screams lost amid the hideous mastication. Blind panic seized those still outside the corridor. Men attached others in front of them, knocking them down, stepping over their bodies, trying to carve a path into the sanctuary of the corridor. The Tyrannosaur continued to lunge at random stragglers, their screams ringing through the icy winds. A feeding frenzy came over the great beast. it grabbed another man before it had finished devouring the first, then a third, a fourth, blood and severed limbs and body parts dropping from the massive jaws as they snapped at new victims, tearing rending, eviscerating. The snow-frosted earth below turned bright red, then pink, as blood splashed onto the ground and soaked into the snow.”

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