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Kerr, Philop
Pocket Books
Extraordinary Circumstances/Fate
Prehistoric/Primitive Humanoids
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (03/07/04)
My Rating:
2-1/2 Scars
2-1/2 Scars
“Something squeaked. Not the baby yeti as he had first thought, but a smaller creature, about twenty inches long, covered with thick fur and with a distinctive squat build. It was a Himalayan marmot. One of the pendulously breasted yeti females was holding the creature in her hand. An absurd idea that this might be some kind of pet was immediately rejected when the female took the squeaking marmot by the leg and, wielding it like a slingshot, banged it hard against the side of a tree, killing it instantly. For a moment she seemed to examine the marmot's stomach fur until Jack saw the blood on her strong fingers and realized that she had disemboweled it and was now eating the innards. Her meal over, the female yeti flung away the gutted furry carcass as if it had been an empty candy wrapper. A vague memory of the eviscerated marmot they had seen on top of the Rognon, and of an article in National Geographic devoted to a group of meat-eating chimpanzees, was quickly replaced by a sense of dread as to the meaning of the yeti sign language. Dread turned to horror as Number One ripped the control panel off the front of Jack's SCE suit and started to chew at it experimentally. The yetis were carnivores. They were planning to eat him. And to eat him alive.”

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