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Dead Bait
Curran, Tim
DeAngelus, Julius James
Dunwoody, David
Edwards, Murphy
Gravel, Bosley
Harris, James
Hermanson, Eric
Leming, Ron
Lowe, Steve
Norris, Gregory L
Norris, Mike
Onspaugh, Mark
Polson, Aaron
Ruthenbeck, Steve
Schonberg, Lance
Southard, Steven R
Williams, Hayden
Zirbel, Mark
Severed Press
Catastrophic “Natural” Events
Living Fish
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (05/22/10)
My Rating:
2 Scars
2 Scars
".. The fish kept hitting him and with one last valiant effort he pulled himself up out of the water. Beneath the hips, he was nothing but bleeding red muscle, yellow ligament, and knobs of white bone. There were hundreds of fish hanging from him, biting and tearing. The were bloated green, looping with worms, many nothing but fleshy skeletons. .." (Piraya by Tim Curran)

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