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Fiction Novels Featuring Prehistoric Animals, Mutant Beasts & Primeval Man

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Nature On The Rampage!
(Fiction Novels featuring Prehistoric Animals, Mutant Beasts & Primeval Man)

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TitleAuthor(s)PublisherPub. YearScar Rating
AmazoniaRollins, James HarperCollins Publishers20024 Scars
An Occurrence in Crazy Bear ValleyKeene, Brian Deadite Press20121-1/2 Scars
AncestorSigler, Scott Dragon Moon Press20073 Scars
BeastBenchley, Peter Fawcett Crest Book19913-1/2 Scars
BelowLockwood, Ryan Pinnacle Books20133 Scars
Beneath the Dark IceBeck, Greig St. Martin's Paperbacks20092-1/2 Scars
Beneath The MantleKerp, Ahimsa Severed Press20151 Scar
Bigfoot WarBrown, Eric SCoscom Entertainment20102 Scars
Bigfoot War 2: Dead in the WoodsBrown, Eric SCoscom Entertainment20111-1/2 Scars
Bigfoot War 3: Food ChainBrown, Eric SCoscom Entertainment20111-1/2 Scars
Blood WormHalkin, John Arrow19873 Scars
Boggy CreekBrown, Eric S
Minar-Jaynes, Jennifer
Inkbug Media20122 Scars
BonechillerMcNamee, Graham Wendy Lamb Books20082-1/2 Scars
Bones of the EarthSwanwick, Michael EOS20022 Scars
Breeding GroundPinborough, Sarah Leisure Books20064 Scars
CarnivoreClark, Leigh Leisure Books19973 Scars
CarnivoresKreps, Penelope BankaZebra Books19932 Scars
CarnosaurKnight, Harry AdamTOR Books19843 Scars
CastawaysKeene, Brian Leisure Books20092-1/2 Scars
CavernPage, Jake University of New Mexico Press20002 Scars
Chateau Beyond TimeTobias, Michael Council Oak Books20082 Scars
ClawEulo, Ken
Mauck, Joe
St. Martin's Paperbacks19943-1/2 Scars
ClickersGonzalez, J. F
Williams, Mark
Hardshell Word Factory19994 Scars
Clickers II: The Next WaveGonzalez, J. F
Keene, Brian
Delirium Books20083 Scars
Clickers III: Dagon RisingGonzalez, J. F
Keene, Brian
Delirium Books20102-1/2 Scars
CongoCrichton, Michael Ballantine Books19803-1/2 Scars
Cretaceous DawnGraziano, L. M
Graziano, M. S. A
LeapFrog Enterprises20083-1/2 Scars
Cretaceous SeaHubbell, Will Ace Books20023-1/2 Scars
CrotaGoingback, Owl Signet Books19983-1/2 Scars
Cryptid: The Lost Legacy of Lewis and ClarkPenz, Eric !Universe Star20053 Scars
Dark GoldAngsten, David St. Martin's Paperbacks20062-1/2 Scars
Dark InheritanceGear, Kathleen Oneal
Gear, W. Michael
Warner Books20012-1/2 Scars
Dark WoodsKumar, Jack Berkley Publishing Group20042-1/2 Scars
Dead BaitCurran, Tim
DeAngelus, Julius James
Dunwoody, David
Edwards, Murphy
Gravel, Bosley
Harris, James
Hermanson, Eric
Leming, Ron
Lowe, Steve
Norris, Gregory L
Norris, Mike
Onspaugh, Mark
Severed Press20092 Scars
Dead SeaCurran, Tim Dimensions Books20073 Scars
DeathbeastGerrold, David Popular Library19783 Scars
Deep TimeNanson, Anthony Hawthorn Press2015Not Reviewed
DeeperMoore, James ABerkley Publishing Group20073 Scars
DescendantDunnavant, Jaysen QPublishAmerica20084 Scars
Dinosaur GirlSnow, David ECreateSpace Independent Publishing2016Not Reviewed
Dinosaur LakeGriffith, Kathryn MeyerCreateSpace Independent Publishing20123 Scars
Dinosaur NexusGrimes, Lee Avon Books19942-1/2 Scars
Dinosaur SummerBear, Greg Warner Books19983 Scars
DinosaursGreenberg, Martin HDonald L. Fine Books19962-1/2 Scars
Dinosaurs IIDann, Jack
Dozois, Gardner
Ace Books19952-1/2 Scars
DragonSchoell, William Leisure Books19892-1/2 Scars
DreamcatcherKing, Stephen Pocket Books2001Not Reviewed
EsauKerr, Philop Pocket Books19972-1/2 Scars
EventGolemon, David LynnSt. Martin's Paperbacks20063-1/2 Scars
ExtinctWilson, Charles St. Martin's Paperbacks19973-1/2 Scars
FatalisRovin, Jeff St. Martin's Paperbacks20004 Scars
Feeding GroundPinborough, Sarah Leisure Books20093-1/2 Scars
FerocityLaws, Stephen Leisure Books20073 Scars
Footprints of ThunderDavid, James FTOR Books19953-1/2 Scars
FragmentFahy, Warren Delacorte Press20093-1/2 Scars
From the Depths: A Deep Sea ThrillerGurley, J ESevered Press20143 Scars
HungerDantz, William RTOR Books19922-1/2 Scars
HunterHuggins, James ByronSimon & Schuster19994 Scars
Ice HuntRollins, James HarperCollins Publishers20033-1/2 Scars
InstinctRobinson, Jeremy St. Martin's Paperbacks20102-1/2 Scars
Invasive SpeciesWallace, Joseph Berkley Publishing Group20133 Scars
JawsBenchley, Peter Bantam Books19744 Scars
Jaws 2Searls, Hank Bantam Books19783 Scars
Jurassic DeadChesler, Rick
Sakmyster, David
Severed Press20142 Scars
Jurassic Dead 2: Z-VolutionChesler, Rick
Sakmyster, David
Severed Press2015Not Reviewed
Jurassic ParkCrichton, Michael Ballantine Books19904-1/2 Scars
Jurassic PlanetCatania, John 1st Books Library19972-1/2 Scars
Kong: King of Skull IslandMichling, John
Strickland, Brad
DH Press20043-1/2 Scars
KronosRobinson, Jeremy Breakneck Books20082-1/2 Scars
Kronos RisingHawthorne, Max Far From the Tree, L.L.C.20053 Scars
Kronos Rising: Kraken-Volumn OneHawthorne, Max Far From the Tree, L.L.C.20154-1/2 Scars
LeviathanHuggins, James ByronThomas Nelson Publishers19954 Scars
LochZindel, Paul Hyperion Paperbacks19942 Scars
MammothVarley, John Ace Books20052-1/2 Scars
MandiblesStrand, Jeff Mundania Press20033-1/2 Scars
ManeaterWarner, Jack Publishers Group West20033 Scars
MegAlten, Steve Doubleday19973-1/2 Scars
Meg: Hell's AquariumAlten, Steve Variance LLC20093 Scars
Meg: Primal WatersAlten, Steve Forge Books20043 Scars
Minutes to BurnHurwitz, Gregg AndrewHarperCollins Publishers20012-1/2 Scars
MonsterPeretti, Frank WestBow Press20053-1/2 Scars
Monster A Tale of Loch NessKonvitz, Jeffrey Ballantine Books19822 Scars
Natural SelectionFreedman, Dave Hyperion Paperbacks20063-1/2 Scars
NeanderthalDarnton, John St. Martin's Paperbacks19963 Scars
Night of the BatZindel, Paul Hyperion Paperbacks20012 Scars
NightwingSmith, Martin CruzFirst Jove/HBJ19773-1/2 Scars
No ReturnTravers, Pete The Painted Cave20063 Scars
PandemoniumFahy, Warren TOR Books20133 Scars
PrehistoricEsola, Michael Crane Canyon Publishing20153-1/2 Scars
PulseRobinson, Jeremy St. Martin's Paperbacks20093-1/2 Scars
RaptorZindel, Paul Hyperion Paperbacks19982 Scars
Raptor RedBakker, Robert ThomasBantam Books19954 Scars
RatsZindel, Paul Hyperion Paperbacks19992-1/2 Scars
Red FeatherRichter, Heidi KCreateSpace Independent Publishing20162-1/2 Scars
Reef of DeathZindel, Paul Hyperion Paperbacks19982 Scars
RelicChild, Lincoln
Preston, Douglas
TOR Books19954-1/2 Scars
ReliquaryChild, Lincoln
Preston, Douglas
TOR Books19974 Scars
Rivers of Timede Camp, L. Sprague Baen Books19932 Scars
SaurianSchoell, William Book Margins Inc.19882 Scars
Sea ChangePowlik, James Island Books19994 Scars
Sea of TimeHubbell, Will Ace Books20042 Scars
SleeperHarriman, Steven Berkley Publishing Group20034 Scars
SlimeHalkin, John Guild Press19843 Scars
SlitherHalkin, John Critic's Choice Paperbacks19803 Scars
SlitherLee, Edward Leisure Books20063 Scars
Slither: A ThrillerKaufelt, David A1st Books Library20042-1/2 Scars
SnowMalfi, Ronald Leisure Books20103 Scars
Something Out ThereKelly, Ronald Zebra Books19914 Scars
Spawn of HellSchoell, William Leisure Books1987Not Reviewed
SquelchHalkin, John Critic's Choice Paperbacks19853 Scars
Star Trek: First FrontierCarey, Diane
Kirkland, James Ian
Pocket Books19953 Scars
SubterraneanRollins, James Avon Books19993-1/2 Scars
Terminal FreezeChild, Lincoln Random House2012Not Reviewed
The Conqueror WormsKeene, Brian Leisure Books20063-1/2 Scars
The Dechronization of Sam MagruderSimpson, George GaylordSt. Martin's Paperbacks19962-1/2 Scars
The DesertMorrigan, Bryon Dark Hart Press20073 Scars
The Devil's RidgeBergeron, Andre Mass Media Publishers20083 Scars
The DevouringHawk, Douglas DLeisure Books19943 Scars
The ExtinctMethos, Victor CreateSpace20112-1/2 Scars
The First BirdBeck, Greig Momentum20133 Scars
The FlockSmith, James RobertFive Star20063 Scars
The HomecomingLongyear, Barry BMillennium Books20022 Scars
The Ice GorillaEsola, Michael
Jones, Wesley
Manta Press20112-1/2 Scars
The LakeLargent, R KarlBook Margins Inc.19932 Scars
The LochAlten, Steve Tsunami Books20053 Scars
The Lost WorldCrichton, Michael Ballantine Books19954-1/2 Scars
The OathPeretti, Frank Thomas Nelson Publishers1996Not Reviewed
The PinesDunbar, Robert Leisure Books20082 Scars
The Pleistocene RedemptionGallagher, Dan Press19983 Scars
The PreserveLestewka, Patrick Necro Publications20042-1/2 Scars
The RuinsSmith, Scott Alfred A. Knopf20064 Scars
The Shadow KillerHansen, Matthew ScottSimon & Schuster20074 Scars
The ShoreDunbar, Robert Leisure Books20092 Scars
The SwarmSchatzing, Frank Regan Books20043-1/2 Scars
The TerrorSimmons, Dan Little, Brown and Company20072-1/2 Scars
The TrenchAlten, Steve Kensington Books19992-1/2 Scars
Thunder of TimeDavid, James FTOR Books20063 Scars
TiburonHolsclaw, Edward Trafford Publishing, Inc.20022-1/2 Scars
Time SpikeFlint, Eric
Kosmatka, Marilyn
Baen Books20082 Scars
TyrannosaurDrake, David Tom Doherty Associates19932-1/2 Scars
Tyrannosaur CanyonPreston, Douglas Forge Books20053 Scars
VespersRovin, Jeff St. Martin's Paperbacks19983 Scars
White Shark (Creature)Benchley, Peter St. Martin's Paperbacks19943 Scars

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