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An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

Fiction Novels Featuring Prehistoric Animals, Mutant Beasts & Primeval Man

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Collectibles With Unidentified Issuers General information & statistics pertaining to this section of the website
Rogue?YearSet Name/DescriptionSet Group
TBD101 Dinosaurios Trading Cards Coleccionables 
TBDAlley Oop Story Cards 
TBDAntediluvian Animals Cinderella Stickers - Series 116 
TBDB Series Foil POGS 
TBDBarney & Amigos Cards 
TBDBi-lingual Dinosaurs Cards 
TBDBirthday Cards 
TBDBlack-back POGS 
TBDBlue Band Prehistoric Life Stickers 
TBDBrass Hologram Slammer POGSBase Set
TBDCanadian Postage Collector Cards 
TBDCap-O-Saurus Mania POGS 
TBDCartoon Dinosaur POGS 
TBDCartoon Sketch Dinosaur POGS 
TBDCartoon Dinosaur & Caveman POGSBase Set
TBDChina Dinosaur Park Playing Cards 
TBDChinese Dinosaur Playing Cards 
TBDChinese Duel-sided Prehistoric Animal Identification Cards 
TBDChinese Dinosaur Telephone CardsBase Set
TBDChinese Dinosaur Telephone CardsBase Set
TBDChinese Dinosaur Puzzle Telephone CardsBase Set
TBDColor Silhouette Line Drawing Dinosaur POGSBase Set
TBDComic Prehistoric Animal POGS 
TBDComic Sports POGS 
TBDDinamation Dinosaur Cards 
TBDDino Boy & Jonny Quest Story StickersBase Set
TBDDino Boy & Jonny Quest Story Stickers AlbumAlbums
TBDDino Head Limited Edition Milk Caps 
TBDDino Matching Cards 
TBDDinocaps! POGS 
TBDDinomania Coins & Cards 
TBDDinopog Pogbuster POGS 
TBDDino-Rocks Information Cards 
TBDDinosaurs Diorama POGS 
TBDDinosaurs Rainbow POGS 
TBDDinosaur POGS 
TBDDinosaurs Colorized Drawing POGS 
TBDDinosaur Card Game Cards 
TBDDinosaur Valentine 
TBDDinosaur POGS 
TBDDinosaur Foil Hologrm Stickers 
TBDDinosaur Flash Cards 
TBDDinosaur Attack Stickers 
TBDDinosaur Attack Stickers Album 
TBDDinosaur Chinese Playing Cards 
TBDDinosaur Diorama Cards 
TBDDinosaurs Punch-out Cards 
TBDDinosaurs Mini Snap Cards 
TBDDinosaurs in 3D Blank Greeting Cards 
TBDDinosaur Match Memory Game Cards 
TBDDinosaur Soda Bottle Caps 
TBDDinosaur Game Cards 
TBDDisney Dinosaur Game Cards 
TBDDisney Dinosaur Game Cards 
TBDEducational Extinct Life CardsBase Set
TBDEducational Extinct Life CardsBase Set
TBDEl Parque Jurasico Stickers 
TBDEx Libris Fossil Advertising Cards 
TBDFigurine di Animal Stickers 
TBDFlintstones Piedrulces Candy Cut-out Cards 
TBDFlintstones Cards (Spanish) 
TBDFlintstones POGSBase Set
TBDFoil Advertising POGS 
TBDFoil Dinosaur POGS 
TBDFossil Information Cards 
TBDFoto Dinos Toy Inserts 
TBDFrench Hologram Sticker Cards 
TBDFrench Prehistoric Animal Stickers 
TBDGreen Background Dinosaur POGS 
TBDGreen Foil Dinosaur POGS 
TBDHinged Valentines 
TBDIce Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Calendar Cards 
TBDJapaneese Data Cards 
TBDJapanese Foil Dinosaur Cards 
TBDJapanese Dinosaur Game Coins (Large) 
TBDJapanese Dinosaur Game Coins (Small) 
TBDJapanese Dinosaur Game Coins Poster Mat 
TBDJapanese Menko Cards (Large Colorized Version)Base Set
TBDJapanese Menko Cards (Small B & W Version)Base Set
TBDJapanese Prehistoric Animal Prism Cards 
TBDJapanese Playing Cards 
TBDJapanese Prehistoric Animal Figurine Insert Cards 
TBDJapanese Menko Playing CardsBase Set
TBDJapanese Tarzan Menko CardsBase Set
TBDJapanese Menko Dinosaur CardsBase Set
TBDJeu de Cartes Playing Cards 
TBDJurassic Jaws POGS 
TBDJurassic Dinosaur World Foil Metal POGS 
TBDJurassic Park III Juego de Naipes 
TBDJurassic Park: The Ride Magnet Cards 
TBDJurassic World POGS 
TBDJurassic Park III POGS 
TBDJurassic Park Birthday Cards 
TBDJurassic Park: Dinosaurios Naipes Espanoles & Memory Cards 
TBDJurassic Park: The Lost World Replica Mercenary Dinosaur ID Cards 
TBDJurassic Park : The Lost World Cut-out Cards 
TBDKids Valentine Cards 
TBDKing Kong Strip Cards 
TBDKing Kong Strip Cards (Blue Number Edition) 
TBDLa Era de Hielo 2 Game Cards 
TBDLa Era de Hielo 2 Super Taps Plastic POGS 
TBDLaser Fantasy - Dinosaurs: Giants of the Earth Holographic Cards 
TBDLenticular Promotional Cards 
TBDLittle Simon Dinosaurs - A Sticker Book Stickers Album 
TBDLittle Simon Dinosaurs - A Sticker Book Stickers 
TBDLorean/English Dinosaur Flash CardsBase Set
TBDLos Consejos de Donga Gum Stickers 
TBDMagazine Supplement Puzzle Cards 
TBDMagic Lantern Slide 
TBDMark S. Dail Sketch Cards 
TBDMesozoic Period Foil POGS 
TBDMetal Dinosaur Skull Throwing Discs 
TBDMetal Prehistoric Animal Named POGS 
TBDMetal Prehistoric Animals Vending Machine Neclaces 
TBDMetal Prehistoric Animal Rainbow POGSBase Set
TBDMickey Mouse Magazine Prehistoric Animal Cards 
TBDMike Rooth Sketch Cards 
TBDMonster In My Pocket Toy Backing Cards 
TBDMuzeum Ewolucji Promo Stickers 
TBDNature - Fishes, Reptiles, & Amphibians Cards 
TBDNew King Kong Strip Cards 
TBDPastel Dinosaur POGS 
TBDPhilippine Valley of the Dinosaurs TEK Cards 
TBDPicture Chase Card 'N' Dice Activity Game - Prehistoric Animals 
TBDPrehistoric Animals Cards 
TBDPrehistoric POGS 
TBDPrehistoric Animals Matchbox Labels 
TBDPrehistoric Valentine Cards 
TBDPrehistoric Animal Educational Cards 
TBDPrehistoric Animal Embossed Paper Cards 
TBDPrehistoric Animals Flash Cards - Set 2 
TBDPrehistoric Animal Cards 
TBDPrehistoric Animal Tazos 
TBDPrehistoric Animal Foil Trait POGS 
TBDPrehistoric Animal POGS 
TBDPrehistoric Animals Stickers 
TBDPrehistoric Life Game Cards 
TBDPrimeval Magazine Promo Cards 
TBDRussian Dinosaur Playing CardsBase Set
TBDSchool Matters Student Reward Cards 
TBDSilver & Green POGS 
TBDSpace Stand-up Cards 
TBDSpanish Cartoon Story Stickers 
TBDSpanish Cartoon Story Stickers Album 
TBDSports Dino POGS 
TBDStand-up Dinosaur Puzzle Cards 
TBDSticker Zone Vending Capsule Stickers 
TBDSunshine Cartoon POGS 
TBDTarot Cards 
TBDTeal & Black Foil POGS 
TBDTed Dastick, Jr. Sketch Cards 
TBDTiere aur der Urwelt 
TBDTiere aus der Urwelt Floor Wax Ad Cards 
TBDToy Packaging Cut-out Cards 
TBDToy Packaging Cards 
TBDUkrainian Duhomahir Playing Cards 
TBDUnidentified Prehistoric Life Paper Cards 
TBDUnidentified StickersBase Set
TBDVictorian Prehistoric Animal Scraps 
1915The Picture Book of Wisdon Stamps Album 
1915The Picture Book of Wisdon Stamps 
1930Prehistoric Animal Strip Cards 
1933Sepia Prehistoric Photos 
1935Af Verdens Billedbog 
1954Golden Play Book of Animals of the Past Stamps 
1963Flintstones Valentine Cards 
c 1970The Amazing World StickersBase Set
c 1970The Amazing World Stickers AlbumAlbums
c 1971Platos Voladores Al Ataque!! 
1975Flintstones Pastel Cards 
1975Nature Ciense Musseum of La Plata Photo Negatives 
1977Jurassic Park: The Lost World 3-D Prism Cards 
1979Natural History - Series 197 
1983Natural History - Series 216 
1986Russian Natural History Cards 
1987Lithuanian Prehistoric Animal Calendar Cards 
1989Prehistoric Animal Matchbox Labels 
1989Russian Prehistoric Animals Information Cards 
1990Dino Activity Stickers 
1992Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cookies Informational Cards 
1993Dinos Fosil Cards 
1993Dinosaurs Foil POGS 
1993Dinosaur Standee 3-D Model Cards 
1993I Love You POGS 
1993Limited Edition MG. Tiny Dynos Milk Caps 
1993Natural History Embossed Paper Cards 
1993Rainbow Foil POGS 
1994Comic Prehistoric Animals POGS 
1994Mighty Morphin Power Rangers POGS (German)Base Set
1994The Flintstones Movie POGSBase Set
1995Dino Board 
1995Dinosaurs Official Tap Tazos 
c 1996Jurassic Pork Promotional POGS 
1997JP Gum Jurassic Park Stickers 
1997Jurassic Park: The Lost World Collector Cards 
1997The Land Before Time Stikcers 
1997The Lost World: Jurassic Park Speckled Vending Cards 
1997The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Card and Coin Collectible 
2000Dino War Milk Caps 
2000Disney Dinosaurio Tazos 
2000Disney Dinosaur Pocket Calendars 
2000Disney Dinosaur 3-D Promotion Cards 
c 2000Malaysian Walking with Dinosaurs Strip Cards - Minature Playing Cards 
2001Jurassic Park III Promo Cards 
2006Barney POGS 
2006DinosaurCentury Electronic Battle Game Cards 
2006DinosaurCentury Electronic Battle Game Cards Album 
2006DinosaurCentury Electronic Battle Game Cards - Chromium Edition 
2008Dinomite! Dinosaur Trumps Cards 
2009Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Russian POGSBase Set
2010SheVaCon Sketch Card FUNdraiser Cards 
2015Jurassic World Candy Egg Sticker InsertsBase Set
2015Jurassic World Candy Egg Embossed Sticker InsertsPremiums
2015SDCC Comic Con Promo CardsPromos

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